Sunday, January 13, 2013


As a gardener, the most frustrating job is the one where you can't ever seem to get ahead. It doesn't help when the client only wants to see you every other month AND you only have four hours to get everything done. Also doesn't help if they have a very weedy garden. So you spend most of your time weeding and not doing actual gardening. Very frustrating! The client usually has no concept on time and what has to be done especially in different seasons. We understand don't we that there's more to do in Autumn (especially if you're in a deciduous zone) than Winter or Summer & in Spring, its just nuts! But some people who are horticulture illiterate have absolutely no concept of this at all! Also weather has its own dilemmas. You don't get as much done in the 30 + days and obviously in the rain. If its pouring, no work (should) can be done! Although every worker is different. Enjoy the frustration peoples! :)