Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Missed Winter, now its Spring

I am amazed its Spring. I love spring. Vibrant colours and beautiful aromas. Its all good. My job allows me to appreciate these. Its amazing how quickly Winter seemed to pass us by. Winter in Melbourne this year was cold and wet. It was hard to get out of bed in the mornings, but we did it and I ignored my friends who had indoor jobs complain of the bitter cold. How would they truly know? Yes, it may have been cold and yes, it may have been wet, but it was beautiful also. After the blistering heat the last few years, it was good to see that wet stuff coming from the sky. It is falling in our catchments so our water levels are slowly rising. We are still in no way stable yet. However, if you listened to the politicians, they may dispute this. In their infinite wisdom (election year), the Victorian Government have decided to ease the water restrictions. We are still at only 45% full. Not even half way and they have eased out restrictions. The problem with polies, is that they only see the future in terms of their stint in the job. Anything beyond that is black. I worry, that we will dip again and the restrictions will come on too late. We need to be at least 60% full before easing the restrictions, surely? But I guess, that thinking will not win an election.
So spring has sprung and its a beautiful season. In the fauna world, we can see young animals taking their first steps. And the flora world, we see buds about to bloom. Veggies about to provide us with plentiful edibles. Its a great time of year to be in the garden. Its not just the visuals, although sometimes, that is hard to beat. Its also the smells of the flowers and foliage as well as freshly mown grass and rain smells. Nothing beats that, well perhaps the sea and lucky me, I have some clients near the beach! Its a gloomy day outside but I see my cliveas about to bloom; I see geraniums in flower; I see the grass which was mown only a week ago needing another trim. I hear the birds chirping and my indoor cat eagerly watching them as if she's ever been outside! And I smell the rain which we just had. Winter's gone, but we have a lot if Spring left to talk about!