Thursday, September 17, 2015

Croweas are bliss

Crowea exalata

Crowea exalata 'white form'

Crowea saligna

Crowea saligna
I've come to realise that I have never actually blogged about this flower. The Crowea to me, is one of the most beautiful flower, as its simple, but so delicate Its five- petalled star shape adds to its loveliness.  It is a an Australian Native, named after James Crowe, an 18th and 19th century surgeon and botanist.  There are three species of Crowea.  The three species are Crowea angustifolia, exalata and salingna.  There are many cultivars of the species exalata, including C. 'Bindalong compact' and C. 'Green Cap', two registered cultivars.  Another is a cultivar hybrid between C. exalata and C. saligna, known as C. 'Poorinda ectasy'.  Being from the Rutaceae family, it is closely related to the Phylotheca and Eriostemon. Crowea grows well through cuttings.  Once established, are quite hardy.  The more prolific species would be C. exalata as it has many cultivars or various shades of pinks and whites.  They like well drained soils but will tolerate periods of dry soils.  It is prone to sooty mould so desires a trim.  I have always cuttings on the go, I also have it in a pot.  It looks fabulous!
Crowea exalata in a Blue pot

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Spring! Who doesn't live spring? One of the best times of the year ever!! Everything seems a bit more brughter even if life knocks you for six, flowers will still bloom & there's hope...