Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!  Its the 26th January.  I'm home alone this Australia day.  Husband's gone to work.  One job during the day, another at night.  So, I have my son and Triple J's hottest 100 for company.  Its the first time I've had to censor the hottest 100.  :)  It is also the first time in a long time, I forgot about the hottest 100 and thus didn't vote.  We're up to 95 and I haven't known a song. 

Anyway, this is not talking about plants.  We have more tomatoes ripening on the bushes, which of course has been because of this awesome weather.  Hot and humid PLUS rain.  Seems a bit ludicrous for me to be excited about the heat especially since we've had some awful fires around the country.  Ironically, Brisbane are on high alert for floods.  This country of ours, would we live any where else? Yes, we have no wars, but in a way we do, with mother earth.  Being the driest continent on the globe, it astounds me that our water restrictions were weakened at the end of the last year.  We all got used to it, so why should we be back to being able to water the concrete?  Ahh...don't get me started.

My natives are going strong, with my Crowea saligna at any minute bloom!  Very exciting!  My Crowea exalata has been flowering for a few months now and still looking lush and fabulous.  I have an Isopogon sp. which unfortunately got hit by the really hot day and hasn't really recovered.  I've cut it back and watered it and hopefully it will sprout once more.  I have an Anigozanthos flavidos which I've placed into a hanging basket and loves it.  The Hibbertia obtusifolia also likes it high altitudes in a basket too.And I have few different varieties of Eremophilas around the place.  I did have some cuttings of Prostanthera rotundifoliai  and they did strike but then they died soon afterwards.  Not sure what happened there.  I think they dried out too much.