Monday, December 7, 2015

Flowers in the heat

Its getting very hot but we're still experiencing floral delights! My hoya flowered for the first time in four years! Crowea exalata has come back superbly after again, thinking I had lost it.  The cuttings I did of this are doing wonderfully!  I so far have only had one flower flourish of the roses.  Due to the heat (40+ over the weekend), I haven't had too many casualties. Even my baby cuttings are doing ok.  
The one thing I make sure to do if we are going to have a very hot day is to fill all the water receptacle around the place for the birds. The respite of the heat yesterday with all the heavy rain was wonderful. More importantly my friend who had to be evacuated from her property which was in the midst of fire was saved. Her dog sivived too.  Be careful out there. Fire is unfortunately a reality for most people in the bush.