Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy new year!

I hope everyone had a fabulous new year and didn't get too drunk.  For someone who doesn't drink (anymore), its always nice to know that I may be one of the only ones without a hangover on new years day.  Did that sound sadistic? Every day, my son and I wonder outside.  He loves it.  I do believe he's like his mum, needing the fresh air.  He was, of course tentative at first, to crawl - new textures of grass and concrete.  Now, he loves it.  He loves helping me pull the leaves out of the pots.  Getting his hands dirty.  He feels the different leaves and is gentle when I tell him to be.  Doesn't mind the sun but doesn't really like wearing his hat.  As well as the different tactile experience, he likes being carried around the garden.  We noticed yesterday that the cliveas are about to flower - excellent!  They survived after I divided them a few months ago.  Our cinnamon pelagonium is also flowering.  We have many flowers and some fruit on the tomato bushes.  Its very exciting.  My husband planted a passion fruit a few months ago and its starting to go nuts too.  (Not literally, because that would be odd.  And imagine that fabulous mutant plant - passion fruit/nut!  Love it!!)

It will be a nice 24 degrees today, hotting up over the next few days.  I do hope this year will be more exciting than last year.  Lets hear it for 2013! :)