Sunday, February 22, 2015

Summer Rain

Do you remember Belinda Charlisle's hit "Summer Rain"?  I loved that song.  I also might be showing my age...I'll admit it, I turned 40 last week! 40 and fabulous.  I received two beautiful bouquets of native flowers which are still going strong.  I love the fact that these are lasting so long. They're both quite large bouquets so I had to go and buy two new largish vases.  All I can is, thank Goodness for Savers.  :) My wedding bouquet was natives and I like that these were natives too.  Obviously from people who know me quite well!  
Its been quite hot over the last couple of days.  My son and I have been subjected to inside activities. Its hard, when a small person has pent up energy and just wants to go outside.  So I decided we should out go for a bit.  Look for some worms.  We ended up very dirty but isn't that the whole idea? Of course there was no worms, too hot for them, but it was fun looking.  :)  It bucketed down for about five minutes.  A lot of noise - thunder - for nothing, really.  Oh this weather is crappy at the moment. We're sliding back into drought territory...some parts of Australia are already there.  I find interesting that there is no flutter of talk about this...anyway. Although, as our Government stands at the moment, it really doesn't surprise me...(Lets not get into rant territory about the Government Dani!)
We have been getting huge thunderstorms.  I say huge, because the noise has been huge, yet the rain hasn't been anything spectacular.  The small four-legged feline does not like the thunder.  However the three year old loves it! The garden knows when its rained though.  The garden doesn't thrive as well after a good watering as it does after the rain.  The smell, it just oozes yumminess for the plants.  You can almost hear them sigh with relief.  Its nearing the end of February and we haven't had too many 40+ days.  I wonder if that's it for this season.  Anyway enjoy the Summer rains people.  I know I am...