Friday, April 2, 2010


When I worked in the Nursery, I didn't really notice Autumn. Let's rephrase
that, in an Australian native nursery (Of course, there are a few Australian deciduous trees - Example: Toona ciliate - Australian Red Cedar & Adansonia gibbosa syn. Adansonia gregorii - Boab Tree. There are also some semi-deciduous natives such as Brachychiton acerifolis - Illawara Flame Tree & Grevillea robusta - silky oak. The nursery I worked in, however were only evergreens), it does not have the same BANG as it would in lets say, you're run of a mill nursery. Working around the outer suburbs and some areas in Brighton with their mainly evergreen trees, made life as a Gardener relatively leaf free. Working in Toorak, Malvern, Mont Albert with corridors of Deciduous trees and land mark exotic trees truly makes a former native plants only horticulturalist to dig deep into herself and realise that 'we're not in Kansas any more'. Plain trees are losing their leaves; magnolias, Japanese maples, Crepe Myrtles, Ceders, Dog Woods and ornamental pears are just some of the trees which go through the Autumn change. And although the colour change is so wondrous, the picking up of leaves is somewhat a nightmare for the Gardener. In some councils, there are trucks that pick up the leaves in the gutters throughout this time. This makes our jobs a little more easier. However, blowing leaves into the gutters for someone else to pick-up seems a little lazy. Windy showers are also key elements of Autumn which also makes picking up leaves a chore. Angry neighbours despise gardeners blowing leaves onto their properties, however are fine when their gardeners do the same.
Before, when I worked in the native nursery, I wondered why anyone would plant deciduous trees. However, since working as a gardener, I think I understand. It is gorgeous to drive through corridors of such species and see the change in their foliage throughout the seasons. I have come to appreciate the beauty that lies within these trees. And seeing their nude trunks in the Wintry months. I would not, however, like to be surrounded with these trees as it would be too depressing. However, seeing a few amongst our evergreen species is special. Every tree has its purpose and it may have taken me some time to figure this one out, I am glad its been shown to me.