Friday, October 29, 2010

Flowers, flowers, flowers!!!

Spring time means flowers, flowers and more flowers. Wherever you look, there is a wonderful display of flowers and buds. My grapes are in flower, so too are my tomatoes and berries. These flowers shown here are a small array of petals in my garden. We were told that the hellebore would not flower until next season. So we're very lucky! We're not completely aware of everything in the garden beds of our new home. From first glance, I knew there were geraniums and roses, but the poppy was a surprise. We also have iris, lavender and a collection of salvias. I have potted fuchsias and scented geraniums and of course herbs and veges. I have orchids and this hellebore.
The rain has completely drenched our garden at the moment and although we have been told that we will be getting a months rain fall in two days; its nice to think the drought has finally broke. Of course, the rain has brought us nasties with it. Snails have taken over my garden. I was spreading some seed the other day and came across three of the buggers hidden in the raising mixture. All other insects seem to be in full flight this season too. As well as weeds. They seem more prevalent than ever. A colleague commented that they seem more resistant this year. I am beginning to think that weeds are never going to truly disappear and that we as a horticultural society need to accept that. They will not disappear completely and I don't want to put any more poisons into the ground. Its been proven over and over again that the more elaborate the pesticide, there will be other nasties associated with it plus the weed will eventually get resistant to it as well. Perhaps we need to look at the weed and appreciate it for what it is. Of course, as a gardener in rich areas, I do not think they would want to partake in leaving weeds as they are. :) It is a nice thought though.