Thursday, May 27, 2010

Autumn II

Watching Manchurian pears, Boston ivy and plane trees of Melbourne go through their extraordinary colour change is almost enough to make me truly change my mind about deciduous trees. My last entry made me realise the amazing technicolour show they transpose onto us each year. When I first started as a gardener about four years ago, everything was so different from being a nursery assistant in the native wholesaler that I could not appreciate the wonders of other species. Now, as I mature in my horticultural ways and see beauty in non-native plants. I also have come to really like Autumn. I have always liked the crisp mornings followed by the warm days. I loved Spring at the nursery because I thought this was when most things came alive and in part that is true. Although, I've learnt that all seasons have their moments of glory sights, sounds and smells. I never stop learning in the field. Its wonderful.