Friday, May 4, 2012

Autumn 2012

Something can come and knock your confidence, but then you look at a plant you grew from seed or a cutting and think, well I did that, so all is good with the world! ;)

Eriostemon verrucosus
It may be Autumn in theory but the wintery blasts are freezing us all.  Woollen hats, jumpers and scarves are being worn in abundance in our very cool dwellings.  Worried about the cold snaps,  my tiny seedlings and cuttings (I have Camelia, Correa 'Dusky Bells', Eriostemon myoporoides, Prostanthera cuneata and a veregated geranium I'm unsure on the species. I also divided my Dianella longifolias) have been placed in shelter on the really cold mornings.  I have made time in the garden again, which has been a lot of fun.  Revamping beds that were tired and limp.  Having a rental property, I don't really want to put in too much work or money into the garden, however as all you budding green thumbs would understand, I can't leave a mess.  The lavenders,paper daisies and geraniums were looking very old and unloved.  So I cut back the geraniums, ripped out the lavenders and paper dasies and planted buddleia, abelia and salvias.  I want the garden to be rich with colour and texture, but it will still be easily maintained.  My son has been enjoying the garden.  He has already enjoyed fistfuls of grass.  (at 8 months) He also wanted to grab the Callistemon branchlets which were flying near my face.  Its been a while, I realise since I've last blogged, and this one is a small entry, but I hope to have a bit more time now.     Have a good Autumn everyone and find a pile of leaves and jump in it (unless there is a gardener near by, because they will probably run after you very annoyed that you've just demolished their pile!)