Saturday, January 29, 2011


I used to have a greenhouse of seeded tomatoes but none of them grew any bigger than a few centimetres. I ended up moving the greenhouse. Imagine my surprise, when I went down to water one day and in the same area where the greenhouse stood, were seedlings of tomatoes. Not one, but two! I must say, it is exciting. However, the only problem is that I don't know what kind of tomatoes they are. I grew a few different varieties in the greenhouse, you see. Anyway, no fruit as yet, but plenty of flowers. I have OTHER seedlings which have turned into fantastic bushes of plants. These seedlings are producing fruit. So I am thinking, it will not be long until the 'unknown' tomatoes will produce fruit too! Tomatoes are my favourite fruit. And I have different varieties (roma, (heirloom)green grape, periforme, heirloom purple, cherry tomatoes, etc) in pots and in the ground. It got me thinking about how amazing seeds are. Here, I was trying to do the right thing and have them in a greenhouse and for some reason, they did not take. However, in the ground, which is hard clay, they thrive. A client of mine had a flood through her garden & house at the end of 2010. And now, in the midst of builders rubble of a newly built fence, are seedlings of tomatoes and capsicum. I can't wait until they produce fruit to see what varieties they are. I am now thinking that certain seeds don't need the 'correct' seeding practices because, if it the time, they will grow.