Saturday, September 29, 2012


I love herbs and the great thing about herbs is there is a variety to be grown and consumed throughout the year. What's growing in my garden at the moment? I have perennial basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, chives, mint, Vietnamese mint and the end of coriander, a personal favourite of mine.
I have just learnt recently that there are some do's and don't's in companion plantings. As we know, basil & tomatoes work really well together and why is this? Its because aphids and whiteflies hate it. And bees love it.
Other good companion plants? For roses, use garlic and parsley for aphids. For apples,fennel is good for coddling moths. Apricots need basil, tansy and southernwood as they may reduce fruit fly. The chemicals they use in insecticides are poisonous not just to the insect they are supposedly eradicating but also to many good insects, to the atmosphere and most importantly, to you. So on any plant which may be consumed by you and your family - because lets face it, washing with water isn't going to get rod of all residues of the chemicals. - use an insect repellant made from herbs. Basil is good for white fly and flies. Garlic is good for ants, aphids, and snails. Herbs are good for many things. I have mint close by for a refreshing tea; and having herbs in vases on my window sill in the kitchen is the best place to add herbs in my cooking! :-)