Monday, January 16, 2012


Its been a long time since I've entered anything. I apologise, but I've had a very good excuse. My son was born seven weeks prem so I've been a bit distracted. Fantastic to say that he is doing really well and piling on the weight and so gorgeous. Summer is here. Wow! I've been enduring it without AC and with a small baby, its been fun. Glad to see that we have had some reprieve throughout the season. Tomorrow is up to 35 again, but its all good. Weirdly, I haven't had much time for the garden. However, I did find a few old potatoes in the back of the cupboard and decided to plant them to see what would happen. Happily, I checked them yesterday and saw that there are quite a few taters growing amongst the parents. Am very excited about that! We also have four tomato plants and a raspberry. All are doing well. I'm feeding them all every few weeks to establish good fruit. This afternoon, I spied a passion fruit on our climber and that's very exciting, as I thought we may only get the flowers this year. Everything else is doing quite well even if I have been a little distracted this season. My crowea is looking superb with many flowers. I also managed to strike a Crowea saligna which I am just over the moon about. My Daphne has tripled its size from last year - amazing what a little rain does. And my one of my budlea's are just going nuts! Am so glad we got rain, so I can look out onto a garden full of healthiness and colour. It will be something nice to look forward to when Will's grown up a bit. That's it for now, as I need my sleep before I am woken for the next feed. Happy, happy summer!