Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedding Flowers

I was married on the weekend and these are my bouquets. The ones with the white warratahs are mine and the third picture is of my bridesmaid's. I had wanted Croweas (of course) however, the lady was unable to get them :-( She used wax flowers, scentless boronias, kangaroo paws (red for mine and green for my sister's) and eucalyptus. They are beautiful and have kept well. The Waratahs are just wonderful. Just beautiful!

The waratahs are just gorgeous. I was commented on them a lot.
My bridemaid's bouquet... without the waratahs and green Kangaroo paws (anigozanthos flavidus) Still very beautiful...

Red Hill Flowers & Gifts
shop 4 / 137 Shoreham Road
Red Hill South 3937
phone 03 59 31 00 96

Monday, October 12, 2009


I believe wind is worse to work in than rain. Especially if you have a client who doesn't understand why it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep a garden neat in the wind. Especially if there are dead or dropped leaves on the property. I do a lot of body corp work, which is good easy work. The dwellers have no idea about what a gardener should or shouldn't do. The other week I had a woman come to me in her dressing gown asking me to stop what ever I was doing, because it was too loud. It was nine O'clock and it was a Friday, so I told her as pleasantly as I could that would be five minutes. She said that it was awfully early and I should stop it. I said, I had a job to do and I wouldn't be long. The audacity of this woman. When should I come back, when she tells me its fine to do so? What ever she does for a living; I am sure annoys someone...This is a photograph of bamboo in the wind, but it doesn't look like a very windy day. I guess its hard to measure wind with a still photograph.

Wind makes me aggressive and I usually get a headache.