Thursday, June 12, 2014

More Flowers

The dreariness of Winter makes me yearn for colour, I am sure I am not alone so I give you...some colourful flowers...
Dendrobium Orchid
Xerochrysum bracteatum

Clivea miniata

Crowea saligna

Aeonium ciliatum


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I've never known much about bulbs.  Having a background in natives, its not really something I had come across.  However as I've grown through my love and admiration of all plants, I've also become aware of bulbs.  And over the years, I've plants quite a few different bulbs. The two I started with were Jonquils and daffodils.  Two very similar plants and very beautiful.

This year, as well as the jonquils and daffodils, I also plants Ranunculus, Grape Hyacinth and Freesias.  The Ranunculus and freesias have started showing themselves.  The hyacinths have not thus far.  I planted them to add a bit of colour this Winter.  However, the way our season are at the moment, who knows when they will come into bloom.

The other bulbs I planted were garlic bulbs.  I am looking forward to these as I am a huge fan of garlic.  Its one of those things that can make a dish.  I have to wait til the leaves die on the bulbs and then keep them dry and then harvest them. I tried onions last year, but I forgot about them and they ended up as mush.  :(

Cuttings #2

So,  how are my cuttings doing?  Thanks for asking! ;)

Fuchsia magellanica - Hummingbird Fuchsia - Doing really well.  I've two in one pot and I've just planted the third into a hanging basket by itself.  I have another fuchsia in a hanging pot and its thriving.  Its been there for about five years. Fuchsia's are just amazing plants.  They seem to grow very well from cuttings. 

Carpobrotus glaucesens - Pig Face
This is doing wonderful.  I just put it in the garden and its taken off. 

Carpobrotus edulis - Cape fig
Another amazing succulent.  Its seems not be as prevalent as the pig-face but is still quite healthy and robust in the garden.

Grevillea sp (unsure on the name)
The parent plant is about to flower in the pot which is exciting.  I am hoping, when it does flower, I might distinguish what species it is.  The cuttings are fair.  They have not died, but I am keeping a close eye on them.

Correa Dusky Bells
These are doing fabulously.  As I grew the parent plant from a cutting, it is not surprising.  What did surprise me, was that it flowered as a cutting.

Calothamnus quadrifidus
This is doing well.  I had two areas of cuttings here.  One in some water inside as a cut flower and the other, in cutting media.  The cuttings in the water have since died, but I was surprised how long they lasted.

Dampiera diversifolia
I have never had success with this.  Its a Western Australian plant, but I've been able to have success with other WA plants.  The cuttings are slowly dying although I haven't completely given up on them.  The parent plant is in the ground and looking like it too will die soon.

Prostanthera ovalifolia - Native Mint bush
These died unfortunately.  I really wanted these to work.

Vinca Major (reminds me of my Nanna's garden) - Bigleaf Periwinkle
Success!  Very excited about this.  Yeah, they're 

Hibiscus syracus - Rose Mallow

These died unfortunately.  I will have to try again.

Pittosporum tenufolium (for a client) - Silver Sheen

These died too.  I am not too heart broken about this one as I dislike pittos.

Dendrobium pieradii - Crucifix orchid 
This has struck!  Very excited about this!

Calendula officinalis - Pot Marigold
No surprises here, this struck very easily.

Crowea exalata - Small Crowea
Doing surprisingly well.

Pelagonium tomentosum  - Peppermint scented Pelagonium
Love this plant and it grows in the ground from a cutting

Plectranthus argentatus - Silver Spurflower
This also worked wonderfully as did the last plant...

Plectranthus hilladiae 'Mona Lavender' - Mona Lavender Plectranthus

Correa lawrenceana Tree Correa
These unfortunately didn't work.  The plants I harvested the cuttings from was an old specimen and beautiful.