Monday, March 11, 2013

Unseasonably hot!

Melbourne has been having off the record hot spells. Skeptics of climate change could say that this happens every few decades and yes it does but the temperatures as a whole (not just the hot spells but over the year - in different seasons) are getting warmer. This is not a post about climate change but one about getting through this hot weather. I (foolishly) sowed some seeds a few weeks ago and they are actually (thus far) surviving. One could say - thank God for the change in water restrictions or they definitely would not have survived. I am quite annoyed that our water restrictions were changed though. It doesn't hurt anyone and I'm sure everyone survived! As the driest continent in the world, we still need to look after our water! Anyway, lets not get side-tracked again! :)
As well as the plants struggling, the humans are too. Definitely seeing more grumpy people and kiddies! My 18 month copes but like the rest of us can't sleep and that makes one grumpy little boy! He is drinking lots of water though and so is the plants.