Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas time brings out the crazies. We know this. As a gardener, EVERYTHING needs to look PERFECT for the big day. We're not just talking mowing, pruning or tidying, we're talking complete make-overs. Which of course, is FAAAAANTASTIC. Actually, it is, because the money you need to pull off these make-overs is dribbling into your account less than you're spending it. Due to the fact that EVERYONE wants it at the same time. Plus what I'm personally doing around this time. Its EXHAUSTING!

Ok...I haven't had too many make-overs. I've had a lady who has ideas about next years; which is jolly. I have a lady who is happy with the work done since I started, which is nice and I have a lady who is counting down until I get back there...which, for now, it will not be until at least mid January.

I did do one make-over but its been in the works for some time, so its hardly the same thing. I made up an edible garden which which seemed to only work for about a month. So about a month ago, I added more soil, blood and bone and straw and started again. I planted capsicum, tomatoes, basil, cos lettuce and coriander. There were already rosemary and a lemon tree there. Its really working. The tomatoes are flowering and a few fruits were visible last week. By the time I'm back (early Jan), I am sure there will be lots of tomatoes. That's exciting.

Last week I mulched, planted and mulched some more. I planted succulents, natives and exotics. I mulched premium mulch and not so premium mulch. I connected a water tank; I raked up leaves; I leaf blowed tennis courts and body corporate areas; I watched as the vegies started fruiting. I had fun. Everyone is in a jolly mood; mostly stressed and a bit crazed, but still happy because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am lucky to like my job, so its not as stressful for me as for those who are just counting down until industry stops for the day or depending where you work, the week...

This week, I am mowing. I like mowing. Its actually quite soothing. I wouldn't like to do it all the time, as it would drive me batty. However, its fun. Tomorrow, I am doing a place which is HUGE! I certainly feel like I'm working once I've done that lawn!
I love Christmas. I love the giving. I love the hot weather (not that it looks like we'll be getting that this year) and the smell of aeroguard and the sea...

So everyone, Merry Christmas!