Monday, January 18, 2010

A new Year

Hello! Happy new year. Yes, I realised its the 19th of January, but its still a new year! I have a feeling about this one. Its going to be grand! I've been a bit low on every aspect of my life (except for my new husband) of late, but I can see a light at the end of the tunnel and its green with plant life out there. Filled with potential clients and abundance of water! Melbourne has been having an odd Summer. Last Monday we had 43 degrees Celsius which was hot to put it mildly. Then yesterday, a merely seven days later, it only got to fifteen and it rained bucket loads, which of course is brilliant. However, I am a bit worried about my tomatoes as they don't like the cold. I am hoping that because its just a snap, then it won't be too detrimental to the plants. We shall see.

For dinner, we did actually have four small tomatoes on our salad. So maybe they'll be fine!

I had mowing to do this morning, but had to put it off because of the rain. If it rains too much, the ground gets too boggy and its a nightmare mowing. So I mow tomorrow. Am quite looking forward to it actually. I like a good mow. It soothes me! :-)