Saturday, August 10, 2013


By now, the winter bulbs are sprouting and flowering. Its always a nice reminder of where you planted your bulbs the year before. If you're like me, and your garden is a hotchpotch of mystery, its nice to see colour spring from lots of different places throughout the garden or in pots! I have a few pots dedicated to daffodils and jonquils. I was never a fan ofbulbs purely   because I didn't understand the amazement about them. Remember, I come from a life of natives and so bulbs were somewhat a mystery to me! The following photo is a circle bed dedicated to bulbs! I don't know what's it going do throughout the dormant seasons but at the moment, its looking  gorgeous! 
This is at a clients place in the middle of the bush! A hot h pot h of different types of plants reside in this garden. But there is some order to it. 
I love daffodils. In the grey Winter, they always brighten up the garden! So I hope everyone is enjoying their bulbs this year! Keep bulbing!! :)