Saturday, February 8, 2014

Hot hot hot!!!

Out of extreme weather, there's been a few surprises in my garden, 
This orchid flower being one of them! Isn't it beautiful? I moved this orchid to a shadier position and it loves it. I don't know too much about orchids. I was given some years ago & have kind of plodded along with them. This year, i started to feed them & pruned them and so far, I've been rewarded. My neighbour has a greenhouse full of orchids. They are quite beautiful. As you 're mostly aware, I live in a rental property so most of my plants are in pots. This heat has made me a diligent waterer! I've been amazed by some excellent successes - my Eremophila sp. flowering, my Correa Dusky bells Also flowering. I have spinach floroushing and chillis (with no heat at all) looking wonderful. My tomatoes are full with flowers and fruit. And my cuttings have survived! Fuschia, Crowea exalata & Darwinia citriodora. My vietnamese mint is struggling - no surprise there but what did surprise me was my buddleas. They're all not coping. :(. Its caught me off guard because I thought they withstood everything! Anyway, they should come back. Hopefully the cool change the hit earlier than expected. :)