Thursday, July 2, 2009


So what is this blog about? Mostly about plants, I would think. I am a gardener, so I need to vent out every now and again about plants. And most probably the state of the world as in environmental and whatever I deem important I guess. Not to say you will find it important, however we shall see. Lets get this thing started...

Croweas are my favourite type flower. I used to work in a Native nursery and fell in love with their waxy flowers. There are many varieties of Croweas, however my favourites are Crowea saligna purely because of its size. When it is in flower, it is covered in them. A deep pink which is just beautiful. I have, unfortunately, not been able to grow one as I have moved around a lot and this particular species does not grow well in pots. I will endeavour to have them all over the garden one day.
I also like Phebaliums. Perhaps because Phebalium phylicifolia was the first Phebalium I saw. I called it mum phebalium as my mum's name is Phyllis. :-) But they are a beautifully different plant. Ironically, if you knew my mother's dislike for yellow flowers, this species comes in predominantly yellowing colours. There is a cream coloured plant as well.
I am now a gardener and I have started appreciating exotics. I am still a native plant girl through and through. I, however, now have my exceptions. Also as a gardener, with the extreme weather at the moment, its always good to find out what actually survives in Victoria's suburbia. For example, I used to loathe roses, however over the years, I've realised they are one tough plant. They thrive in most conditions. The February heat wave showed us who the weaklings were. Roses, are here to stay. And although they are a pig to prune and the plant itself, lets not kid ourselves is pretty ugly, they are unstoppable. Unless you have possums, but that's a different story.
I think that's it for now.