Friday, July 3, 2009


Its Saturday and I was sure I heard thunder. There was nothing to show for it. I was in St Kilda doing a job (putting in an irrigation system and gardening) and it rained briefly but nothing to get excited about. :-( We desperately need rain. So many opinions out there regarding global warming. I am not getting into that right now as my brain's too fried to discuss that craziness, however I wonder about humans really. No one ever listens to any body else.

Correas are another fave of mine. I love their bell shaped flowers. The Correa reflexa's common name is Native Fuchsia. The fuchsia is a lovely plant. The correa in today's picture is one of my favourite types. Its become quite common, but I still love it - Correa Dusky Bells. Lovely plant. I have seen it grow practically anywhere. I know of an area in a car park and its a horrible bit of garden, except for the Dusky Bells. Excellent plant. Correas are like that though. You see Correa alba in the most desolate and harsh conditions - around beach dunes; as a hedge; or in playgrounds. Very hardy plants as well. Correa glabra is in reserves around Melbourne. I've seen Correa Marian's Marvel in Malvern. Exceptional plant, although if not properly maintained, can get a bit leggy.