Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I know this has nothing to do with plants per-say, but...I saw the rainbow while I was on a job. Actually, I was going to a job. It was in Brighton. In Dendy Street, to be exact...

A rainbow so sweet

A rainbow so rare

It was nice after the heat

That scorched our Australian air

A rainbow signifies rain

A rainbow means hope

Something may grow from a single grain

Farmers will renew their scope

A rainbow in the glowing sky

A rainbow means happiness

It made me cry

I will confess

Dark clouds engulfed it

The sky was dark

Nothing of its' glit

Not even a spark

I thank you dear rainbow

For making my day

I had been feeling low

But blessed that I was near the bay

I saw a rainbow a few weeks after the fires in February this year.