Sunday, July 26, 2015


This Winter has been cold.  The past few winters have seemed quite mild in comparison.  I work outside, I know how to layer, its one of those fashion statements that all gardeners/horticulturalists understand.  This year, the beanie and finger-less gloves have been mandatory.  The flannelette shirts have become a part of the seasonal uniform.  Even doubling up on socks have been needed.  Then of course, there is a frosts.  I can't remember frosts being as prevalent as this winter.  My seedlings have thankfully been protected so I haven't lost any of them.  Plectranthus is sensitive to frost.  I have three different species of this genus: Plectranthus argentatus, Plectranthus forsteri and Plectranthus "Mona Lavender".

The Mona Lavender doesn't like the winter full stop.  I have noticed that around this time each year, this Plectranthus struggles.  It is semi protected from our veranda, but it seems its not protected enough.  The Plectranthus forsteri is doing quite well.  Although, this too can be sensitive to frosts unless under-planted, these are dotted around the back yard and haven't been knocked around at all.  Plectrantus argentatus is struggling. The foliage looks like they have been sucked dry.  I do hope they come back.  I think I will have to cut them all back when it warms up a bit.  Next winter, I will them back prior to winter, to give them more of a chance.

The other plant which has been struggling is my Fuchsia 'Thalia'.  I have had it in a pot other years.  Perhaps I should have kept it in a pot.

When I worked in a native nursery, we had a frost section, which would be covered in the wintered days. Some that I remember are Lechenaultia biloba, Eutaxia cuneata  and Gastrolobium minus.
Plectranthus argententatus after and before the frosts
Fuchsia 'thalia' after and before frosts