Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful Natives

I still don't understand how people can think that 'Australian Natives' are boring. And lifeless, crude and the opposite of elegant. They think that if its in the bush then that's it! Scrambling messes of shrubs and trees and under scrub. Personally, I like the bush, however I have also seen natives as clipped hedges, rounded shrubs and in a flowering border. You can't tell me that Grevilleas are boring or Banksias ugly; that croweas are not elegant? They are the epitome of elegance. Of course, I might be a bit biased when it comes to croweas, as they are very beautiful.

I'm getting married in October and just organised my bouquet, no ugly roses for me thank you very much. Its all about the natives, which is very exciting! So once I get married, I am sure I will put a photo up of the flowers I had. It was very interesting yesterday at the florist. They were very surprised and almost a little weirded out that I said I did not like roses! Oh my gosh, a bride who doesn't want roses! What will we do? Actually I think the florist is very excited in doing something outside the box! Ha ha! She may even add my bouquet to her album! Who wants to be the same?
Looking at this Callistemon, do you find it ugly? Its beautiful. Oh look, I know its very much, each to their own. My mum loves roses! I can see in the beauty, but as a gardener who has to maintain them, they are evil.