Thursday, June 12, 2014


I've never known much about bulbs.  Having a background in natives, its not really something I had come across.  However as I've grown through my love and admiration of all plants, I've also become aware of bulbs.  And over the years, I've plants quite a few different bulbs. The two I started with were Jonquils and daffodils.  Two very similar plants and very beautiful.

This year, as well as the jonquils and daffodils, I also plants Ranunculus, Grape Hyacinth and Freesias.  The Ranunculus and freesias have started showing themselves.  The hyacinths have not thus far.  I planted them to add a bit of colour this Winter.  However, the way our season are at the moment, who knows when they will come into bloom.

The other bulbs I planted were garlic bulbs.  I am looking forward to these as I am a huge fan of garlic.  Its one of those things that can make a dish.  I have to wait til the leaves die on the bulbs and then keep them dry and then harvest them. I tried onions last year, but I forgot about them and they ended up as mush.  :(