Friday, June 7, 2013


I've become quite excited about this genus. Not really knowing too much about them. I've just finished an assignment on them for uni & they are a very adaptable plant. I've had experience with Myoporum sp. primarily working in a native nursery, I came to realise that Myoporum parvofolium is a stunning example of what native plants can do in our Australian bush and be crossed over into a very innovative plant for the landscape. They are originally from WA so like hot dry climates but they do surprisingly well in our colder climate in Victoria. Eremophilas are also quite adaptable plants especially species which are grafted on Myoporum stock. There are some beautiful flowers of the Emu bush, my favourite, which is just esquisite is Eremophila albieta, gorgeous species. I hope they become more prevalent in the Victorian landscape.