Friday, August 31, 2012

Spring is here! Woo hoo!!

First day of Spring, how wonderful! Love it!  :) Being in Melbourne, the day started off very sunny but now the sun has hidden itself behind the clouds.  The joys of living in the state which has been described (more than once) as four seasons in one day.  Extremely accurate!  And who wouldn't want a bit of spice?  A bit of change?  Anyway, its spring and there is a definite change in the weather and the land of humans as well.  The plants are still doing what they were doing yesterday but soon, there will be more flowers and more fruit and it will be an abundance of nature.  I fertilized a few days ago.  Managed to choose a time between all the rain drops!  Will we get another wet Spring or will it be drier?  Time will tell.  They are talking about a financial drought; what will that mean for the humble gardener?  When money becomes tight, the garden tends to get neglected.  Happy Spring everyone!