Monday, March 8, 2010

Chemicals versus Eco-alternatives.

As a gardener, we have many decisions to make. One, which, I think is very important, is whether we should or shouldn't use chemicals in place of alternative methods. For example, using chemical based pesticides/insecticides/herbicides.

Carbaryl is a very strong pesticide, which pretty much kills all that it has contact with. However, at what cost? Not only is it unsafe to our environment, it is also a poison to us. The problem with a lot of pesticides, is that after time, insects become resistant to it. What happens next? Other chemicals are then used and the viscious cycle starts again. I believe pesticides like Carbaryl should be banned. It will come to its used by date soon enough and then what happens? There are environmental alternatives we can use. Why are they not more readily used? Laziness? Cost? Society?

The one thing I believe in, is education. Whether we want our teens to stop drinking, or saving the environment; nothing can be 'fixed' until we are educated into reason. Kids are not going to stop drinking just because the Baby Boomers or Gen X say its bad, they need to be educated from a young age that alcohol is a drug - plain and simple. The environment is not suddenly going to get better. People needs to understand this.

Saving the environment is being jammed down everyone's throats at the moment due to Government change. You talk about the Government, and no one gives a crap about the environment or climate change. I am as sick of their talk as anyone and I'm a believer. Education in our schools about what will happen if we stick to the chemical fertilisers and climate change may get through.

I want my children to have the opportunity of a great life and atmosphere to grown up in. I don't want them to miss out on what I've taken for granted - fresh drinking water, fresh produce, etc. To those who says it has nothing to do with them; what about the next generation and the next? Have we turned into such a selfish entity? Its very sad.

Carbaryl or Eco oil, Eco-neem? A pesticide which is poisonous to its user or a safe alternative? Of course, its the Gardener's decision and for what ever reason they decide, I do hope they are able to live with it. And the next generation.