Monday, October 12, 2009


I believe wind is worse to work in than rain. Especially if you have a client who doesn't understand why it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep a garden neat in the wind. Especially if there are dead or dropped leaves on the property. I do a lot of body corp work, which is good easy work. The dwellers have no idea about what a gardener should or shouldn't do. The other week I had a woman come to me in her dressing gown asking me to stop what ever I was doing, because it was too loud. It was nine O'clock and it was a Friday, so I told her as pleasantly as I could that would be five minutes. She said that it was awfully early and I should stop it. I said, I had a job to do and I wouldn't be long. The audacity of this woman. When should I come back, when she tells me its fine to do so? What ever she does for a living; I am sure annoys someone...This is a photograph of bamboo in the wind, but it doesn't look like a very windy day. I guess its hard to measure wind with a still photograph.

Wind makes me aggressive and I usually get a headache.